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Because I'm such a coffee fiend...

The LJ Coffee Shop
LJ Username
Fav Color
Fav Song
Fav Drink
Name of the Coffee Shop Cozy's
Barista ash_the_woof
Idiot Who Lounges and Never Buys nuktakupaya
Coffee Fiend modad
Philosopher in Training sagesk
Chance of Getting an Ulcer From All The Coffee You Drink - 33%
This quiz by lcblume - Taken 43 Times.
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How Much Coffee Do You Require Each Day?
Full Name
Favourite Colour
Your Anger Level Without Coffee - 95%
You Require ________ Cups of Coffee Each Day 3584
How Many Seconds Before You Become Angry and Break Someones arm 30
Your Co-workers could not live without your persistent Input TRUE
You Could Live Without Coffee If You Were Stuck in a Desert (8) - Most likely. - (8)
This cool quiz by Lotl - Taken 9 Times.
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That's not true! I only require 3583 cups a day! :P

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