Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Daily mutterings

Morning was a bit in I woke up early, yes, but then my allergies got me...put eyedrops and that KOed me for an hour or so.. (I don't actually remember how long for... ) and think I need to lay off Optrex, they aren't supposed to dilate pupils like that... O.o my right eye always gets dilated after i use 'em..

I've read about 60 pages on 'The Last Juror' (really started reading it today.. ) re-arranged my stuff on the shelves, moved books and DVDs; studied C++ a bit... listened to my folks and bro argue over something political... gah... will they ever stop?!

And looky, kinda got 'drafted' to come up with the canon story for Futility End's Trill, because my character is a joined Trill...should be fun actually.

I actually find the whole concept of FE rather interesting. It's not like your typical Star Trek SIMM, it's...'darker' in nature. for more info. And no I didn't join because Dan's there, :P Well i kinda did I guess, originally joined to help 'im raise the crew numbers a bit, but after some time I decided that I really liked the idea, so i am sticking around. Kinda fun playing a joined Trill ^^ granted I always seem to play characters that are weird in a way.

I got a Caitain Commanding Officer, a joined Trill flight control officer with eight life times of the symbiont - several of them she's yet to fully explore, half betazoid/half human marine who hates her betazoid half, full betazoid pilot who's not flying anymore because she's stuck on a station LOL, and a half human/half Q-like Security Officer (but he doesn't know it yet; it'll be a loooooooong story arc, which both me and the CO came up with after throwing ideas around to explain something I came up with on the spot and just for kicks, butnow I have to make sense of it. ) . although I think for Scardia, the char' gonna be a human. Hehehe. Hooboy..

And whoo..official PATH Opening today, I gotta be in the foreign languages room at one am... >.< (who'da thunk, I'd be teaching foreign languages? :P ) eh-heh...thinking maybe I should take English tutoring as well, it'll help me with my CELTA in September.

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