Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Huzzah! Finished 'the Firm' early morning today. 490 pages hehe...I couldn't help it ^^ hehe. Good read, definitely.

Getting a wee bit irritated at someone on IRC, but not the first time, he just rubs me the wrong way with his attitude at times...good thing I don't act on my impulses....he's been rather irritable lately himself, well ever since I got Global Op on Ace, and he stayed as a LocalOp even though we both got LocOps at the same time...he's kinda been "grrr" and "this really annoys me" and whining about this and that... now he's got trouble accesing some sites online and he's in Australia..and when I tell him to lighten up a little, he's like "you try being cheerful when you can't access 60% of the sites on the Internet" HELLO?! Behind a proxy here! We're lucky if we can access 20% of the web. (considering half of the web is smut and porn and the other 30% are sites that offend 'em down here....)

I need coffee... that's it... >.

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