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In an attempt to stay away from my computer and relax my wrists today I've been doing some reading. Light reading this time around. I Know I probably shouldn't, but eh... Reading John Grisham's "The Firm" So far so good. And yeah I know there's a movie out with Tom Cruise, yet to see that...(surprise surprise)

Did me staying away from the computer help my wrists any? not really. Heh. I gotta take frequent breaks to wiggle my fingers around a bit and shake my hands, otherwise it gets too stiff. I think come Saturday if this isn't any better, I'm gonna have to tell my folks and ask for cash for a doctor or something, because i can't afford it myself, right now.

Frankly the wrists thing is irritating me to no end on some part, because of that I can't do a lot of things I want to do and I need to do. I can't write that much, can't chat that much, etc...though I think day before yesterday it was so irritating I nearly started pulling my hair out because every move hurt like heck... X_x

SLightly miffed right now.. called for a pizza at seven pm, come eight thirty it's not here yet...i call them up they said there was no order for a pizza from me.. HELLO?! are you sure you dialied the right number? No I'm a freakin' moron and I called up my dad to order a pizza from him! are you sure you ordered it today? No I'm an idiot and I dreamt it up! They're like ok ok get you a new pizza delivered in half an hour. Call them up at nine twenty it's on it's way.. I told 'em to cancel it because we've already ate, so what's the point? It's nearly ten pm now and the delivery guy just left, I basically told him to take a hike, because we've already had our dinner so what use do we have for a pizza now?! Can't lodge a complaint until Saturday as tomorrow's Friday and a day off...::mutters:: but come Saturday, hooboy.. last order they'll lose...

Worst thing in this: mom accuses me of not even ordering the thing at seven pm when they told me to order it! It's like "how can they lose an order?" they can't unless you didn't order it, blah blah blah... although she didn't say it specifically, I can kinda tell it from her tone...that just rubs me the wrong way there...

Ugh I swear! and to top things off Dan's not online right now because his mom needs the net, so I can't talk to 'im... :: mutters ::

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