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Blasted wrist...

Dang. wrist isn't any better after last night's... escapades. I sent off a number of e-mails, some of 'em to the TF17COs mailing list, Mack's going on LOA starting today, so... sent off a couple to Dan too. And course had a chat with him, but i had to drop off earlier, like a wee bit past midnight, my wrist was starting to get to me.

The whole mess with half of BF being down is slighlty irritating. People popping into IRC going "OMG THE WORLD'S GONNA END BF IS DOWN!" and "hey what happened to BF? I can't get to BF. When will they have it fixed. Why aren't they fixing it" Sheesh.. people! I think I've told people on several occasions to bear with things until everything is back up, the folks responcible for this aren't sitting around twiddling their thumbs. It doesn't help when they have two hundred people jumping them with demands to have everything back up and NOW!

I got trouble typing with my right hand, fingers just won't co-operate like they should :: beats :: wrist support ain't helping much, if anything it makes it worse O.o but then the dang thing is too tight anyway! S is too small for me and M is too dang big! Yet to find an adjustable one, that'd really help. Until then I think I'm gonna stay off the computer for a few hours...apparently staying off of it in the early morning didn't really help...

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