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Spoke with Louise regarding CELTA today. (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) USD2400/- for the entire course, but I think it's worth it. Planning on paying for that out of my own pocket (somehow... O_o, probably going to have to dig up my bank account stuff to take money from that, I've hidden my ATM card, because I don't trust myself with those... one more reason I've not gotten a credit card. Heh) And the course is highly intensive, lasts throughout September. September 3rd to 28th. Five days a week, 1230 - 2030 Saturday to Wednesday. Mild concern I'll still be doing my undergrad stuff X_x, but that starts September 17th, so I'll only 'miss' out one week, and the first week is usually introductory stuff anyway. So I oughta be all right, for most part.

Why am I taking CELTA? I don't know.... LOL ... well no. I do. Considering my level of English, and my love for writing and picking out grammar errors and typos (though not sure if that second and third one are love.. lol... I get aggravated if I see typos and grammar mistakes on official things.) I thought it'd be a nice idea to do this course, because if I'm waiting for an answer from universities regarding my Master's application, I'll still be able to do something instead of sitting around all day long. SO yeah..hopes of teaching there.. hehe...but this is teaching to Adults, so no kids to deal with, although some adults are... ahem.. yeah...good thing I look older than my real age, otherwise I'd think some 'students' would have issues with having a 21/22 year old teacher.

Filled out the application already, just need to do the pre-interview task and submit that. Going to on Tuesday actually. Well I'm doing the work now, but I'm meeting with Louise to finalise things on Tuesday. So yeah...

Most confusing thing is the whole British English/American English thing. Considering I've used BOTH, and I'm confused at times over which word is spelled how where.... LOL. Although I got a VERY good resource to help me out. "Practical English Usage" by Michael Swan. 2005 edition too ^^ we got the second edition at the library, I've gotten myself a copy of the third edition. (was going for the hard back edition of the second one, but they had the third edition in stock so got that instead) very handy guide. Shows all the neat differences between the two. I had no idea Mr. and Mr were different... One's American English, and the other's British English. I mean what's a dang fullstop/period?
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