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OKay so allergies from yesterday's dusting and cleaning got to me.. not in too good a way either.. X_x by about 6pm I'd already lost my lunch completely, was feeling like I wanted to rip my eyes out and shoot myself in the head because of the dang headache.

Dan has a stomach bug thing, which Jay told me about. After effects of entertaining the guests I guess.. heh..didnt get to chat much with hin until about 4 pm really....

Took Dan's advise... (surprise surprise LOL) went to take something for the headache and lie down for an hour until it went away.. it kinda helped.. heh.. too bad I had to leave Dan all alone there...

and I need to add more credit to my cell, all those SMSs :: shifty eyes :: eh.. still got about 5 bucks left, that should be enough for this week, really...

Heehee.. just when some people think I'm twitterpated.. :P

[Taylor] ....and I've just spent 5 minutes reading my own journal without realising its mine
[DrDanielJackson] lol
[DrDanielJackson]silly man
[DrDanielJackson]betcha you were wondering "why does this look familiar?"
[Taylor] I was wondering who was ripping off my life
[DrDanielJackson] ~LoL~

Or maybe Dan's just spaced out.. heehee

Oh and.. NCIS's on in 20 minutes.. whohoo

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