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Morning stuff

Wow.. it's like.. I went to bed at nearly three am last night, was up at half past 6. Not really feeling tired, but hooboy... my ribs do hurt.. O.o Good exercise last night, laughing. I can safely say it's been a while since I laughed so hard, and so long!

I think it took me about half an hour just to leave that place! I was like "ok guys, gotta go... two am here.... i got a class and work tomorrow...." then Dan jumps me in a PM saying nights and making a crack abut something that started out as a running gag between me and him (and now most of the Ops know about it, so they tease) ; I laugh answer back (can't resist :P) we go on chatting, at the same time someone says something in #AceOps, and etc.

Jay was in hysterics last night, I think I was close to it too. Jay was talking to someone on AIM at the time and they were telling her about how they found this new guy, Jay was like "Evil Hyenas!" to her (referring to all the laughing we were doing at the time), the person was like "what the...." the Jay was like "nuts! wrong IM!"

think I'm still hyper...

Aiy.. heh.. :: scoots off to fill up on coffee ::

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