Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Season 2 of NCIS started yesterday, I think it slipped my mind to actualy mention it then so I'm mentioning it now... >.> I swear i love the team dynamics they got. and the humor. "See No Evil" was the episode.

(Gibbs is drinking coffee)
Kate: Gibbs? It's, like, a hundred degrees in here. How can you drink that stuff?
Gibbs: Keeps me cool.

Tony: Well, you think I could pass for a Marine?
Gibbs: I don't know. Let's shave your head and find out.

Gibbs goes through cells quite quickly...BWAHAHA.

Wonder if they're ever going to get this show out on DVDs, I'd buy definitely. (and not cuz Gibbs drinks coffee.. :D )

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