Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Ehrm... I can't write for long periods of time... my right hand just stops cooperating... O.o How'd I find that out? Filled out 6 Library Request forms...and erf.. I'm missing out letters when typing with my right hand too.. drat... that can't be good... back to the wrist support..

At least the PC's back in working order (aside a few minor bugs.. Installed the wrong driver for the keyboard, so it's popping up the stupid little "HotKey Violation" error messages for some posessed reason... :: mutter :: ) and I've made my own ICQ/AIM/MSN sound scheme, got bored of the ones I had before, so decided to create my own bits and pieces.

Man Thunderbird Mail's nifty! :: hogs:: I wuv it!

Bot names.... Temp name Java...but it's not exactly that type of bot primarily.. i'm planning on using it for mission updates for the Horizon channel; (as well as logging channel stuff) and maybe later TF17 related news and bits and pieces... gotta figure out how to code some of that stuff in yet.. hehe... DannyBot sounds ... um.. yeah.. no... Ash'rak's too.. um.. mean sounding, considering it means 'killer' lol.. Tekma'te maybe.. meaning master/teacher/wise one. I don't know...

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