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Remembering the old times

Man.. I've been comparing my writing styles recently. and I can definitely say that in 2003 i was at my best compared to what I shoot out now...

Playing the same character on a simm now that i played in 2003. Different writing 'partners' for some of those posts, but yeah...although I think it matters greatly. me and Paul definitely had a thing going on in terms of humor and our writing styles matched, so we often played off of eachother in very intersting ways whilst writing. We never planned a post, we just did it. well we planned the main parts of the mission, and we just did it as things went on...

I've collected 160 pages of our writing that we did just for ONE mission. and wow.. do I get Jackie's character just right then.. now I'm having difficulty with her on the Horizon. She doesn't speak to me in the ways she spoken to me on the Guardian.. :-/ Which is kind of a bummer...I liked her back then. now i'm not sure yet....

[[ USS Guardian-C ]]
[ Zandar's Office ]

Zandar sat back in his office and looked out towards the stars, his feet up arrogantly on the desk. He had risked leaving Fleet Captain Clawson alone for a while so he could escape to this little domain of his. Unfortunately the welcoming committee happened to be an ever-growing pile of PADDs and messages on his desktop display. He tapped his commbadge thoughtfully...

Zandar: [/\] "Computer...begin log" The computer replied with a lively chirp.

"Admiral's Log, stardate 131202. The Guardian has been docked at Starbase 271 (Ournal class, located near the Cardassian DMZ) for around a week now - enough time to collect some new crewmembers who will hopefully live up to the standards expected of them on a flagship. In a sense, I wish I could compare them to the Enterprise, which still remains Starfleet's prime flagship...but I won't go on about that.

"A few minutes ago I opened a message from Starfleet Command, ordering me to set the Guardian en-route towards Earth, which I am sure will please the majority of the crew when I announce it. As for the purpose for returning to Earth...I am unaware. Maybe they want to give us lots of those little cup-cakes with the icing and...ahem...well, I mean it might just be for an inspection or a complete overhaul as far as I know.

"The crew seem to be in high spirits at the moment; a few of the newest members of the crew are undergoing the 'stressful' process of meeting and greeting each other, and therefore probably getting drunk on synthehol, which isn't a bad idea right now. Computer, delete the last fourteen words...ahem.

"We finally have a full command crew now, with a Betazoid Executive Officer, a Second Officer who happens to be the Chief Diplomatic and JAG officer, and an assistant in the same department. I'm also happy to see we now have a doctor and a counselor - which means we can stop using that infernal EMH program for a while.

"As for Fleet Captain Clawson, she is making a steady and fast recovery. Her situation back on the previous planet has horrendous, and I feel a great amount of...sympathy...for her. She should be back on her own two feet, or should I say paws, rather soon.

"Computer - end log"

[ Bridge ]

Having left sickbay a few minutes ago, Jackie made her way to the bridge fully dressed in her uniform. The EMH having ran a check on her and declared her fit enough to return to active duty provided she’d take it easy and won’t strain herself too much. As a precaution, she still wore the corticle stimulator, now flashing happily and well hidden by her hair.

Now Jackie stepped out of the Turbolift, and onto the bridge. Immediately an Ensign at Ops sprung up in attention, followed sharply by the rest of the bridge crew.

Ensign: "Captain on the bridge!"

Clawson: "At ease, Ensign" she stated, glancing around the bridge.

She saw no sign of Fleet Admiral Zandar and smiled lightly as she walked down to the command area and took the center seat. Jackie has missed it, as well as she had missed the bridge of her ship. Jackie truly felt like a part of her had been restored as she began going through the checklist of things to be done.

Clawson looked at their heading, checked the stats, all through the while feeling the eyes of ever crew member on the bridge upon her. Somehow Jackie felt that Paul was going to have a cow and three fourths when he saw her on the bridge - she smiled in anticipation as she waited for Zandar to arrive on the bridge.

[ 10 Minutes Later ]

Zandar: "For cryin' out loud!" came the voice of a surprised and agitated Paul Zandar. He stepped away from the Turbolift and walked down to the command area, glaring at Jackie "Leave you alone for ten seconds and you go and heal yourself..."

Jackie grinned; it wasn't exactly reaction she had expected but close enough.

Jackie: "Fine I’ll go beam down to a planet and hurt myself once more, Sir" she replied slyly "So you can vouch for me again and look after me 24/7" she threw him a smile, and a look, her eyes twinkling. She was happy to be back.

Zandar smiled back and sat down in the seat beside the center seat, tapping idly at the console. They were back to normal.

Or so they thought.



[USS Rayden]
[CO’s Ready Room]

The tall human male paced in his Ready Room, with a she-kat in front of him watching his every move intently as he spoke.

“Sir…?” Jackie blinked looking at Harmon like he was insane.

“You’ve been doing a double duty aboard the Rayden how long?” he asked.

“6 years.” She spoke up, not counting the 5 years she’d spent as Chief of Security/Tactical n the Rayden prior to becoming the wing Commander as per Mark Harmon’s suggestions.

“Hell I came from Commander to Admiral whilst you were still aboard.”

Jackie nodded lightly.

“Eleven years.” She said.

“Don’t you think it’s time to move on?” Mark Harmon spoke looking at the feline.

“move on to.. what…exactly?” she asked.

“I’ve been working on something.” He said, approaching his desk, he reached for a PADD and handed it over to her.

Jackie looked uncertain as she took the PADD from Harmon and took a look at it.

“Command the Horizon?” Jackie blinked, reading the data padd again. Yep, it had her name as a recommendation from Harmon as to who should command the Horizon.

She looked askance at him, he looked back.

“I know you can do it Commander.” Harmon said. “I’ve seen you work your squadrons and I’ve seen you work the bridge in Scuito’s absence on numerous occasions” Harmon replied, referring to his Executive Officer.

Jackie eyed him, still surprised at what she’d just read. She was being offered her own command.

“I’ve spoken to Rear Admiral Martin Burton.” Harmon said. “With some further training, we both believe you can do it.” He said. “Surely you must be getting bored of being on the Rayden all this time.” He said smiling a little.

Jackie shrugged.

“Rarely have the time to be bored on this job, Sir.” She said.

“Knowing you, I wouldn’t contest that” Harmon smirked a little, knowing how feisty she could get in the middle of a battle.

Jackie looked up from the PADD and glanced over at Mark Harmon again; trying to see if he was serious or not. Not that the PADD didn’t prove that he was serious about this.

“Whu.. ah…it’s a big.. step” she said.

“Has that ever stopped you before?” he asked giving her a sly smile. He’s been around long enough to know his Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Wing Commander’s ‘quirks’ even if she still managed to surprise him now and again.

Jackie shook her head, smiling a little.

“Not really…” she said.

“Exactly..” he replied. “You’ll do fine.” He re-assured her.

“Yes but.. I like flying and I like security/tactical” she said.

“Nothing stopping you from taking over the helm/tactical/security once in a while if you want to” he said.

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

“COs prerogative” he replied smugly. “just don’t do it too often or your crew will think you don’t trust them” he added. “and there are always holodecks.”

Jackie nodded

“S’pose….” She stretched the word out a little.

Mark could see she wasn’t sure, but she was fighting with herself, because when Jackie was thrown a challenge she rarely backed down from it until she got it accomplished.

“Besides Admiral Burton was quite impressed with your record.” Harmon said.

“Um.. I ah..” Jackie began. “Admiral, it’s uh…”

“Never occurred to you?” he asked.

She shook her head, although she took a command course at the academy long ago, that was purely to help her with her fighter wing, or so she thought.

“Well, the idea came up. There isn’t anyone else aboard here I can recommend.” He paused looking at the pilot and security/tactical officer sitting by his desk. He found it a weird combination for someone to go into, both flying and security and tactical, but Jackie was someone who tended to be able to juggle the two without much of a problem it seemed.

Then again maybe it was the coffee. Harmon knew from personal experience that coffee helped him think better when there was a difficult mission ahead or he had to make a difficult decision

Jackie looked back at the PADD, re-reading the contents again. Mark let out a small sigh and walked over to the replicator, keying in an order, he retrieved two hot mugs of black coffee, just the way he and Jackie liked them.

He walked back to his desk, Jackie seemed oblivious to him moving around as she feline’s tail twitched a bit beside her indicating that she was thinking about something. Harmon placed his mug on his desk and regarded the feline for a few moments.

“ ‘s time to move on hotshot” Mark said.

Jackie blinked raising an eyebrow, Harmon rarely called her by her callsign.

“Coffee?” he offered her a mug.

Jackie placed the PADD on Harmon’s desk and took the mug from him.

“Thank You.” She replied.

“Helps me think” he stated picking up his own. “I know this isn’t an easy decision.” He said.

Jackie took a sip of her coffee, silently, still pondering the offer. She wrapped her hands around the mug taking a whiff of the aroma into her lungs as she took in a deep breath.

“If you’re wondering how difficult it is.” He said “it’s a piece of cake, once you get used to it.”

Jackie smirked a little.

“You can take some time to think it through, we *are* on shore leave right now” he reminded her.

Jackie nodded, she took in a deep breath.

“I’lldoit” she said quickly, letting the breath out.

Mark chuckled lightly.

“Sorry didn’t quite catch that, Commander.” He said to her.

Jackie paused, taking another sip of her coffee before replying in a crisp tone.

“I’ll do it, Admiral” she said firmly.

Admiral Mark Harmon smiled as Jackie wondered what did she just get herself into.

Part of me wants the Guardian back... the stuff that i had back then. I definitely had Jackie pinpointed just the way I liked to play her. Now she no longer speaks to me
in the way she spoke to me back then...
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