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For Cryin' Outloud!

Wasn't gonna say anything yesterday, considering how often this happens, but he's gone a tad too far this time around....

Darky yes.. took my car day before yesterday; I thought well ok...he didn't tell me he's taking it, no biggie, I'm not going anywhere anyways....would've been in trouble if i had to go somewhere...

I keep about $15 in my car for emergencies (fuel, phone card...) I find out that it's not there today... >.> means the twit spent it... and didn't tell me! I'd have been ok if he told me, but it would've been a real pain in the neck if I'd have found out that it's gone when I really needed it...

I swear I'm gonna start hiding my car keys.. everytime he snags my car, I find it messed up inside... tissues, empty coffee set to 104.8, the local "we play rap nearly 24/7 because that is what's popular now" channel.... as if he doesn't have his own car to mess up...

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