Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Loneliness thingy

Snagged from rjtremor

Loneliness Quotient: 42%

Your Personalized Assessment Report:

42 is still a somewhat decent score, however there is definite room for improvement. We will examine the issues that could use work and see what can be done about them. You could help yourself by working on your relationships with friends. There is room for improvement in this area. In addition, your family relations, or lack thereof, are another weak spot in terms of your loneliness. This is an area that can use improvement. Your romantic life also needs work. There is a lot of room for improvement there, and you really need to search for that guy of your dreams. Thankfully you do not have a problem with shyness, so pursuing romantic leads and finding friends will not be as difficult as it might have been. You definitely don't have any major insecurity issues holding you back, so your pursuit of elimating loneliness will not be held back by this potential pitfall.

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