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How'd I get talked into planning a Joint Mission with Mack? Although the Horizon won't be involved into it directly, I'll be there behind the scenes. I'd like to get the Horizon established properly before doing anything huge with it. So maybe for half a year or nine months or even a year, just wait and see how it goes.

Been on a bit of a php streak once again... dangit.. lol.. it's weird almost. Nothing major yet tho' just editing existing pages and adding little bits and pieces. I need to read the manual more and try out some f the stuff in there...

Net's been weird all day... since morning. Jay said I pinged out at least 14 times within 2 hours alone.. O.o couldn't send/receive mail and browse the net.... stupid ISP.. called them up, nearly fell outta my chair! the twits don't even know what FIREFOX is! :: bangs head on the desk:: and sure enough, they blamed it on that.. hello? I can't send/receive e-mail either! how do you explain that? and they're like "send an e-mail to and ask them to unblock the ports" HELLO?! I just told you I can't send/receive e-mail! geez...

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