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Into the Horizon....

Wow.. USS Horizon's the TF simm of the month ... http://www.tf17.net that's kinda cool. 'bout the only good news over the last few days there... heh. though not exactly sure what impressed Mack.. probably the quality of the posts we got, considering that the number of posts wasn't too high, but then I prefer to have fewer posts that are well thought out and written out, as opposed to twenty times that in one liners...

Speaking of the Horizon, I need to tweak up the site a little, but I've not really been in the mood to do that lately...need to catch Dan about the changes he thinks need to be made to the site.

Heck I've been kinda spaced out over the last few days... given that my sleeping pattern's shot and I don't really get that much sleep a night, and the crud on the 11th, i think i can allow myself to be a bit spaced out... but I really DO need to get my head on straight... because I think when you are in IRC and you got a clone in there because your ISP just went wonky and booted you off and you kill yourself instead of the clone, is when you have to start worrying...not to mention the "PM someone and be amazed that they reply with the exact same line at the exact same time you send 'em a message then find out you've just PMed yourself" maybe Dan's right.. I'm goin' Blonde... O.o

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