Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

::waves a little "i'm officially a weirdo" flag:: There's no way I sleep past six am these matter what time i go to bed.. and this is supposed to be my 'week off' from uni. HAH I say... tho granted i like the evening shifts at work better than morning ones. and by the time i come back from work I'm too wired to sleep... not that i came back straight from work the last few times... not yesterday anyway....

Boy Darky's GFs birhtday was a bleh experience....can these people talk without using the 'f' word in every sentence and making rude jokes over the dinner table?

Phyllis was fun. She's leaves back to Canada on the 12th. she misses us, we kinda caught up on stuff, sung a few songs. nibbled on some food had a few drinks... very civilized and the place I'd rather have been for the evening...not for just an hour and a half...

edit at 1950: Guess who forgot to press the little "update LJ" button and left the entry floating around since morning... yup... duh Jessie

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