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what the heck am I doing up at three am....? that's right I don't know... I just am...although I should probably get off the computer and scoot to bed to read some stuff so folks won't get irky at me for sitting infront of the computer until the wee hours.. and FYI i came back after one am after that birthday party thing... wish I couldn't stayed at Kathy's enjoyed myself much more with the Dubai Harmony ladies there...

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    Yeah, Jess lives. if you can call it that, that is. One more week then I'll probably shine a li'll light on what's been up and down and around in…

  • Playing with Photoshop in class

    Ahem... like a li'll 2 year old kid eh? "yay i can use Photoshop and do simple stuff"

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    OKay it's no masterpiece, but:

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