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Stuff I did today..

- cleaned up my room somewhat... still to dust my Egyptian corner...
- steam cleaned my carpet (yes.. steam cleaned.. lotsa cat hair there.. X_x Richard likes my carpet...bummer tha the leaves a lot of cat hair after one of his lazy moments) Speaking of Richard, need to give him a bath tomorrow...
- Started on my Oper training.. (yes there's training..fortunately none of that stuff is over my head yet...just have to have a memory of an elephant or have the commands handy by your side) Funny how UK server is way more stable than the US one... less netsplits, it's better maintained and is hosted on a better server than the US one..
- read some of Sylvia Browne's "Secrets and Mysteries of the World" and browsed through, Particularly this little bit Reviving my Ancient Egyptian kick &&
- did a nine page JP for SB99

( you can tell i'm goofing off for most part.. :P gotta do it whilst i still can..)

The only annoying thing is that I've slept for two hours this time around.. o_X and it kinda shows, because i tend to mess up things faster, UNLESS when I'm typing I'm saying the words outloud. if I don't do that, my fingers just wander off somewhere.. and my brain goes off in another direction.. and yes..I've been SVSNICKed to DrBlonde a few times today because I've said hi to someone i've already said hi to some time ago... one user walks in , I say hi to another one.. d'oh...

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