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whoa.. Yeeeey....

Official end of the semester for me.. last exam was today.. hehe.. just came home a while ago.. pop into IRC and hello...

Guess who is now a full fledged Global Operator on AceIRC? :D yup yup yup!

[23:08:31] * DrDanielJackson waves to all
[23:08:59] *** Notice -- Taylor is rehashing server config file
[23:08:59] *** Notice -- Loading IRCd configuration ..
[23:08:59] *** Notice -- Configuration loaded without any problems ..
[23:09:15] *** Notice -- Received KILL message for DrDanielJackson! from Taylor Path:!Taylor (Waves back, please reconnect ;))
[23:09:53] [DrDanielJackson] -= Taylor =- what was that for?
[23:10:03] [Taylor] Check your oline
[23:10:07] * CGinCA smiles
[23:10:27] [DrDanielJackson] what/how?
[23:10:27] *** Taylor ( did a /whois on you.
[23:10:30] [CGinCA] you can now kill far more people
[23:10:36] [CGinCA] lol
[23:10:36] [Taylor] whois yourself
[23:10:53] [DrDanielJackson] Ooooooooooooooooh
[23:11:26] [Taylor] Yes, you've been promoted
[23:11:47] [DrDanielJackson] yay! ::dance:: uh.. now what?

What does that mean? I got oper control over all Ace servers/users now, and I can override users and modes in channels should that be required (not that I'll abuse that particular feature..but sometimes it's needed if a user's misbehaving or is unwanted in a channel and the existing users can't do anything about him..not that it happens on Ace that much. Considering we got plenty of ops online at all times, it helps to keep the annoying twits away from the servers)

I just need to get my Oper training done with either Dan or Watson. Darian's tied up with his new job as deputy sherrif (or something?) at the courts. Go over the commands and such. I'm skimming them now, and I can see why the stuff in there is limited to a number of users. One command and you can basically take over a channel or kill a user off the server for life (or until they get a new ISP...) I mean.. wow...

Nice to know Dan and Darian thought I'm ready for this. LocOps just observe for most part, and can only have an effect on people that are on a particular server, they can only view certain areas of stats and such, but as a GlobOp, I can now manipulate the stuff. Whoohoo...

This was definitely unexpected. Kinda nice end of semester surprise there.. heh

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