Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Man I just can't say 'no' can I?

Got recruited to work on another website joint project thing... with Dave this time around. Hoping it won't end like my last one did, but it should be allright given that I've known Dave for several years now.

I get full ownership of the forums (given that it's my vB license that is going to be used) plus I’ll be running the sci fi fan fic archive. Granted most of this stuff is still in the planning stages of things. We’re not sure what will be on the site completely, but we don’t want it to be like every other site out there. Maybe screenies from shows, focusing on bits and pieces that are missed out on. Like say close-ups of the weapons in Stargate. Sometimes it’s tricky to find a normal picture of a zat. So eh… meh it’ll keep me outta trouble I guess.

And wow I’ve actually hung around my IMs today..

Man I’ve been drinking a lot of water today…O.O probably due to all that Soya I’ve been having in my food..

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