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Stage manager.. wow. haven't done anything this major since grade nine in high school really...forgot how much work this stuff really is when you actually do it on the night.

Muckups - three out of the six microphones went out at the beginning of the show because the DVD/video taping people that are doing our DVD plugged in their cables for the sound and unplugged our microphones and didn't tell us.. HELLO several other empty spots, and they have to unplug the already plugged in stuff? mrr... >.> Luckily the chorus sounds okay without the microphones and you can hear everyone without microphones just fine, even from the sound/visual control room up above the stage.

Other than that, everything went on pretty much fine. Lights were nifty. we put in green, red and blue filters on one row and left another row white lights, plus the spotlights and the house lights. Had some really nice effects and shadows from those, that worked out quite well during the show, given how sparkly and glittery they were.

Funny... of the audiovisual techs there was wondering how long I've been doing this for because I felt right at home with the audiovisual equipment in there. Go figure.. but I did enjoy playing with the lights and the sound ^
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