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Got dragged out to City Center today, not entirely sure why.. parents just wanted to get out I guess.. I've acquired an 8 ball though.. hehehe; always wanted one of those. Nifty little thing. Dropped by Radio Shack to look for speakers for my xA and a wireless mic...$250 bucks for speaks and $150 bucks for a mic, slightly outta my range at the moment...well not slightly..WAY outta my range...I can barely scrape up $50 in cash right now, and I am not that keen on going into my account for something like this. Urgent things only. Other than that i gotta go with what i get paid in cash whilst i put the rest in my bank account. Gotta save up too heh.

Plus I'm kinda saving up for Stargate : SG1 Season 8 and Stargate : Atlantis Season One DVD sets and Stargate the Alliance game all of which are coming out at the end of the year and I really should have the cash by then. I'm looking at about hundred fifty bucks there as well.. fifty for each DVD set and something like that for the game as well, albeit I'm not really sure at this stage.

Concert tomorrow night... i'm heading out there by 1500 for a sound/lights check/set up, and taking Ma'chello with me ^. got a free ticket, might as well use it.

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