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Silly Dubai municipality... even if you're a non profit organization you have to register to perform anywhere if we're selling 'tickets' to the venues...and for that registration they need the passports and all from people who are performing to make sure they are all legal here...

Dubai Harmony's set to perfom on the 26th, but nyeah.. because of my visa going bye bye I can't be there... >> . >> this is HIGHLY annoying... to say the least.. not like we're making money out of this... but no we have to pay 1K to get permission to perform... :: tugs at hair ::

Visa won't be ready until middle of June, as they'll start processing it tomorrow, because we just got the test results back today...

::mutters ::

man i think I made that icon just in time....after Darky told me how long it'll take to get the visa done and looking over chorus e-mails on stuff that needs to be submitted to the municipality...

sucks.. means I can't be on stage on the 26th...blah I say.. blah....

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