Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

LIbrary stuff

Late shift at work, gotta love 'em. ^^ got rid of some older books today.

Lots of posgrads in the evening. Amazingly some of them have never been to the library before now... O_O ... since this is the beginning of the semester for them, quite a few new students...

Some of the things that popped up today, and no that's not how I answered the questions, but you can make out the questions from these....

NO, you can't buy books in the library....yes I know we have books but they aren't for sale. we're a library, we lend books, no that's a bookshop...

yes, we have books in the library...

'i need to make you a record' doesn't mean you need to go see the security guy/police...

no, you can't borrow a piece of paper unless you intend to return it back the way it was...

no, babysitting doesn't mix well with librarians considering how we try to keep silence in the place. little kids running around screaming bloody murder and playing hide'n'seek is not going to help things

no, we are not a stationery shop and we dont' sell transparencies, pens, notebooks and folders...

no you can't borrow a text book so you can photocopy it, you're supposed to get your own...

yes, we're open.

Darwin moment at work:
[Postgrad student] *checking out a book*
[Me] can I have your card?
[Postgrad Student] *hands me his business card*
[Me] your student card
[Posgrad Student] *flashes his business card again*
[Me] There a bardcode on that thing?
[Postgrad] Oh! you mean my university card?!
[Me]yes, i need your barcode to scan you into the system *thinking* unless you're a student somewhere else...

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