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Here’s that … I’ve been running on four hours of sleep thing catching up to me. I’m so tired it’s not really funny anymore. But there’s so much left to do.. ::twitches:: rather it looks like it’s so much fun. And given that I’ve had a minor set back i.e. my right wrist gave out last night, things are even slower. And boy do I feel the set back of things when my typing’s slower…

Lucky us, he gave us the study break to give the ACCY231 assignment in. Technically it was due today, but very few people had it done, given the backlog of assignments everyone has due this week. And since the final isn’t until 23rd anyway, he was like “ok submit it during the study break” so horray for that I guess…

Was looking through Jay Leno’s headlines today morning to lighten up a tad…otherwise I get really irky on the roads… heh. He;s got some good ones on there at times.

‘s what I do, to loosen up at times.. read funny stuff or something. I’m sure I’d have gone bonkers by now otherwise. You can’t be too serious about things, and you can’t be too serious at all times, no matter how serious I look a lot of the times. I do loosen up sometimes… :P be a bigger stiff if I didn’t have a sense of humour …

Now back to work... hey ho hey ho....hmm..actually maybe I'll go to bed earlier today...

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