Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Peace at last! Darky's asleep! :: wishes she could nail the door to him room shut ::

Dad may have to fly back on Tuesday.... Mom's having trouble with a few things back home... I've no idea what kind of trouble.. they don't tell me everything...which is frustrating at times...

Darky is actually quite timid about talking on the phone with his GF around probably saw his cell phone bills...which have been sky high for the past few months, and most of the time the number called there is the same, Darky's Girlfriend..... Dad calls overseas (and prices here can be murder, but if you work with people overseas you don't get a choice... ) and his bills are way less than Darky's who never makes international calls from his cell...

Me? I got a pre-paid account.... if I max my credit out by an International call or something; well I normally call people internationally if it's their birthday or some holiday. Ok so I called Mel once when I was bored..... but 'ey sometimes you gotta surprise people! :P Sides I put my own cash onto my cell credit.... if I don't have cash, well I have to stretch my credit... which happens anyway... I put about $27 on there and that can last me for 4 months without a problem, provided I dont' make international calls or send too many International SMSs, because those things cost murder despite the fact that they say to send one costs a quarter, more like a dollar if you check your credit right after you send the SMS... and can't do anything about that, tried complaining they need proof.... which can't be provided since I don't get my bills with all the numbers I dialed printed..... UAE for ya...

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