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Teachers... oy..

Bugger..he told us that there's still 10% in assignments he didn't give us.."a small oversight on my part" you call that a small oversight?! OY and it's the last week of classes, officially... so.. he gave one assignment today.... rather mumbled something about it being sorting algorithms and such....and that he'll upload it after the lecture... here I am.. 2040 and still nothing on the uni site...

if you're gonna give us a program that's due by the end of this week (Wednesday) and worth twice more than the other assignments done, at least have a decency to upload the darned assignment description ASAP! It's still not online... gah. Not all of us code in our sleep... not 5 different types of sorting anyway.. man this is gonna be one long program.... >.> and that's not counting the other two that are due this week too.. one was due last week, but he changed his mind, gave us extra time..

Hope Watson'll be willing to help me out on this one... some coding is too abstract for me, I dont' really get it.. I dont' see much 'creativity' in some of that's like thinking numbers are sexy.. I'm not entirely sure what's on people's minds on that one...

Man third year.. ::Twitch:: at least I know the ACCY final won't be so bad, considering the text book and the midterm and the slides.

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