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One down.. few more to go

One assignment submitted...bunch more to go... my right wrist is being a pain in the mik'ta...hello wrist support...hate for my wrist to go out during the finals week, that'd really suck.

Weather's been kinda bleh.. windy ... sandstorms.. I just washed my car today morning, and boom.. sand's all over again.. it's annoying....>.>

BTW, for those who haven't seen it yet.. my baby..

I need to slap Darky to stop hogging the camera so I can take some pics of mine...I've made a few modifications there... heheh.. like parking sensors and tinted windows and Xenon lightbulbs. (there goes a few of my paychecks, yes...>.>)

Richard snores when he's sleeping on his back....O_o it's kinda cute...
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