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Random Thoughts

I left my coffee in the microwave a little too long just now; it came out bubbling. Since the entire process took a few seconds and I witnessed the entire event, it destroyed a cliché that I was taught years ago: “A watched pot never boils.” I’m sure you heard it before…at least once!

Nowadays, modern technology can supersede the wisdom of the ages. Lets face it. Watched pots boil all the time. A penny saved is a waste of space. Sorry! ((not like people save pennies nowadays anyway, well they try, but then end up spending more instead))

These obsolete expressions are the result of a greater truth. Most of my life, and yours, is unimaginable to those who came before, i.e. our parents and grandparents. ((Heck my mom still has trouble operating the TV remote control in my room, although that could be because she can’t figure out which one it is in the first place...having a lot of technology in one room causes a person to have a lot of remote controls in the same room too..)) At the turn of the century, cars were a rarity, now you’re looked on as a weirdo if you don’t own one by the time you reach the legal age of getting a driver’s license! The computer, on which I am typing, didn’t exist thirty years ago. Shortly, grade schoolers will begin their days by booting up their computers! Soon these PC’s will be as ancient as eggbeaters! What will probably happen is new clichés will sneak into out speech, replacing the ones that are no longer relevant. I do know for a fact that a watched fax never prints and a phone call waited for never comes until you step into the shower; and don't even think about taking the phone into the shower, that won't do you any good either!


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