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Data comm report complete... ::falls over :: 58 pages.. and that's not counting the assignment cover sheet, the cover letter, the executive summary, the title pages, the table of contents.... so the final thing is somewhere around 63 pages long...

::twitches:: my back hurts after sitting in one position for most of the day...Third Rock from the Sun videos kept me company though...

but man..the typos I made... >.> "spare pants" instead of "spare parts" , oh yes.. the network will really need spare pants! :: headdesk:: or when I told Steph to check his male instead of mail... I need to de-stress... when I start making typos like that it's worrying... of course it's worse when I dont' notice 'em...Good thing I proofread stuff... otherwise I don't think Lejla would really be amused if she sees pants as a network requirement....that would've been.. embarrasing.. eh heh
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