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:: headdesk::

I should have "tight" scheduled days more often.. I swear! This is getting really really ridiculous!

I'm actually toying around with a few SG related short spur of the moment fic ideas.. ideas for now, I'm holding myself off of trying to write anything right now, because... if I do that I'm not going to get any of my college stuff finished.... and of course this sorta stuff happens when I'm smackdown in the middle of deadlines and stuff to hand in and finals coming up in a few weeks.. this is kind of annoying as well as.. funny .. I always get hit by these burts of inspiration and whatnot when I'm coming in close to my deadlines in uni. Go figure...

Oh and.. heh.. toying around with a bumper sticker for my car... Stargate Themed ^^ I got a basic layout in my mind, just gotta put it in Photoshop now. When that will happen, I've no idea.. but it'll happen. I'm seeing too many xAs on the roads here it's not even funny anymore.. heh.. I need something that makes mine stand out in the crowd..

Random picture I found hilarious....

Mmmmm.. coffee

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