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Actual quotes from BMFM

No I didn't get bored, per se... I needed a lift of things, and some inspiration for my comm report, so what do I do? search for quotes and randomness...

Couldn't resist.. If you know Biker Mice from Mars, you'll find these hilarious, if you don't you will probably find them funny nevertheless...Key in point: their "catchphrase" is "Let's Rock'n'Ride!"

More like..rock 'n...hide

It's time to rock....and roar!

Let's rock 'em till we drop 'em

It's time to rock....and ad lib!

It's time to rock....and rise!

Let's rock...and row

Let's rock....and take the shortcut

Let's rock and....whatever

It's time to rock....and roll

Rock and rail!

Let's rock, and ride, in rock.

Let's rock....and fly.

Now it's time to rock....and roll

Let's rock and....whip tail!

Let's rock....and rampage!

Let's rock....and..hitch a ride

Let's rock...and ride. Woah, make that rock 'n slide.

Ow, let's rock....and rescue!

Let's ride....and rock?!

Let's rock, and,

Well let's rock and ram.

Rock 'n regroup!

Rock 'n...uh-oh....

Rock and revenge

Rocketh and Rideth

Rock and slide, sweetheart!

Let's yank and crank!

Let's rip....and ride!!

Rock and rummage!

Let's rock and...and...

Rock and rocket!

Man I miss that show.. too bad it's not on DVDs.....

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