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Okies... done with the surveillance report thing.....

Want to finish a few books I'm reading, but sadly the 24 hours in a day is not enough to get everything done! Augh! And with the midterms coming up on Thursday and next week I can't do much reading. Whenever I flop down on my bed for some quiet reading time, Darky runs up and starts issuing orders at me for things to be done..... granted I ignore 'em most of the time; since the books I'm reading are actually going to be used for my IACT essay due in at the end of the year. Not that Darky cares about my college work; he says so himself.... I say I don't care about his clothes needing to be ironed; they're his clothes so he can do them himself.

Dug out Myst, Riven, and Myst III: Exile. May play those on my mid-semester week off, provided I finish most of my work by then. Been ages since I played Myst; never actually finished it since I played it at a friend's house ages ago. Now I got my own copies... dug up a Myst Trilogy pack in a shop in Jumeirah for a fairly cheap price at that!

Time, it's all about time.. or lack of it.. UGH


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