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What'cha readin' there?

This kinda spanned off of what I read in sagesks Journal...

The whole 'me' time and cutting that down or doing something college related whilst you're trying to 'relax'....

I say we need longer days! Or the teachers need to give us less assignments! hello. there's a reason it's called a 'weekend' or a 'mid session break' to have a BREAK not to do more assignments! sheesh..if they wanted it to be about finishing up your assignments, then they shouldn't have called it a "mid session break" in the first place!

Hello some of us want a life, and unlike some people who sail through college on other people's shoulders, because others have been doing their work for the... wait a sec... no wonder I don't have a lot of time.. I'm doing a postgrad course AND undergrad... only I'm not getting grades for the postgrad course, Darky is....::grumble:: little can be done to change that, at least he still does his own finals....but re: assignments, it's all me, because if I don't mom is going to have a cow and three fourths because I'm thinking about myself and not about others...

What's almost scary here, is that I found that in the last several years, my creativity levels have dropped.. I can't DO 'fun' things as well as I used to when it comes to writing/role playing. Even if I have started getting into simming again (but had to slow down considerably over the next few weeks because of assignments to hand in)

Is college trying to knock all creativity out of your head so you go out there like a robot and go 'by the book' instead of thinking of creative ways out of a jam or something?

I found it almost freaky that for the past half a year or so, well two semesters, really, I can't read novels. I just plain can't pick up a book and read it if it's fiction. Granted I installed that rule for myself long ago, so I wouldn't get distracted by the books, and can only read on the bus/at night before I go to sleep. But now....any book I borrow from the library has something to do with what I'm studying; or if it has nothing to do with what I'm studying at the moment, it's heavy technical stuff (like I got a book at my bedside thats called "Practical English Usage"). and if I borrow a novel I don't really get into it, because I get distracted by a text book or a supplementary text I borrowed form the library to study up on stuff.

Heck I've been reading "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" for MONTHS now, not because I'm a slow reader (I'm not, I generally read quite quickly unless it's something heavily technical..) but because I only read a few pages before I fall asleep...and it takes time to get my mind to throw out the technical stuff and 'have some fun' instead.

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