Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Dozed off whilst trying to figure out how to calculate the number of terminals needed for our data comm project. D'oh...but I think it's all that sleep I've been cutting...

That's been nagging me for a day or so now. and I bet it's something silly that i'm messing up in, It all makes sense in the end, but when I try to multpiply the stuff back up, it comes out to a much bigger number than is given originally. Granted I could be mucking something up whilst checking things, but... no matter how I calculate how long it takes to do one transaction, I get the same answer, no matter which way I try... it's almost frustrating... lol.. aiy...though granted that's only half the problem ... i'm not sure how to link the number of transactions an hour to the number of terminals needed considering the blokes work for 10.5 hours (not counting breaks...) oh well.. I'll sleep on it tonight...

Darned deadlines ganging up on me...end of the semester is near. 2 more college weeks, then a week off for study break, and 2 weeks of about 5 assignments to submit in the next 2 weeks alone.

My right wrist is loking like it's on its last legs here... er.. fingers... think i need to dig out the wrist support again. I can see the veins on my right hand and it aches the way it does after one's been using it too much. Wonder if we can sue the uni for health issues caused by assignments... "Pre assignment submission stress syndrome" (PASSS) heh.

Man I need to watch an ep or two of Stargate at some stage...not seen it in a while... I know I know.. *shock* *horror* *gasp* How dare you?!

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