Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

I have what...?

Whoda thunk it... I really should look at my programs installed on my lap top more closely.. today thanks to kristensk I found out that I actually have software that makes animated .gifs....

::headdeskfacepalmmutter:: great.. half a year or so since I installed Paint Shop Pro, and only today I've found out I got Animation Shop Pro along with that...odd thing it wasn't in the Start menu I found it in the Jasc folder.. go figure why I missed it.

I got bored slightly, changed a few of my LJ icons... ^^

Work: Moved the 005 section again... it was too stuffed up, so we had to make more space. which is ok, now it looks spacier.. heh.. this is the second day in a row I'm doing nightshifts, and I'm not really supposed to do too many of those. OH well as long as the stuff gets done. Granted my hands aren't all that keen now.. especially the right one, last two fingers are kind of well.. nyeh..happens..

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