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Daily update

nu-uh... think we finished moving the entire collection at work... yay.. I guess.. but..downside of that is my wrists feel the strain now.. >.< i can actually see the veins sticking out on my hands... oy.

part 2 of the data com report, due next week, and it's group work...and we got tons of stuff to do...however I'm quite confident in that, considering that we do most of the work when we are there alltogether. We work on things there and go home to finish up stuff after we divide up the bits we're all going to do... then merge the stuff together and work from there the next meeting. We normally have at least 2 meetings a week, each lasting 2-4 hours.

formatted my compmuter last night. I cheated, got the info out by swapping my Hard Disks and formatting my game Hard Drive and installing XP there, then accessing the other one through that. Formatted that too, now I'm not going to have a seperate HDD for games considering how rarely I play them now. I'm going to have a seperate HDD for my documents and all, in case the OS HDD gets mucked up like it did this time around...

I've not installed any programs on there yet though. I kinda need to sit down and do it all in one go. good thing I have all the installation CDs in one CD folder. Fiddling with the settins and all might take some time too, and I usually get carried away and forget about time and sit there for hours. Like I did with the last top last week. heh..

I think having a 0600 - 2200 workdays once a week with only two hour break at 1230 to 1430 is not a good idea and takes a huge toll on me mentally.. X_x however, one good thing is this is the day I actually get quite a lot done, considering how 'little time' I have to get it done... weird...

Tomorrow, bnch of meetings to work on the comm report, work and a class, plus a Dutch night with the chorus, to which I think I may no go because I can't fit it in. I'd love to, but i got too much stuff to do. It's not going to work quite well I think. I'll probably be tired beyond tired by 2000 tomorrow anyways...

I think I'm gonna turn in early tonight.. wow look it's only nearly midnight.. heh... betcha I'll be up at like... 4... which will be good since I can work on a few things before crawling online as usual...

See that's how I find time to do all these things...I cut out sleep.. :P

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