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It kinda annoyes me that they don't have much sci-fi stuff around here... >.< they got plenty of romance stuff around here that people seem to like, personally I can't stand the stuff, most of the contemporary romance stuff is basically the main chars in bed from page two, then they fight, then they'r eback in bed.. what gives.. oy..


1. Stargate
Daniel - before anyone starts, no it wasn't for his looks to start off with... when I watch a TV show character's looks aren't what attract me to the character right away. (although it's an Advantage.. ;) ) This one's a bit of a long story. I got into Stargate by reading about it not by watching it; then as a lot of you know I favour quite a few sci-fi forums. My username on there was usually JessieSK, however because I'm somewhat of a grammar Nazi and correct people's spelling/grammar (others usually turn to me for a translation of some text that's horribly typoed or the person was drunk when they typed it( {tho that doesn't happen on TMA anymore.. heh.. ) I was still a General Chat Moderator there, the Admins changed my nick to 'Dr. Daniel Jackson' because he's a linguist and he's the one who usually translates stuff. It kinda stuck on the forums and I've kept it for well over two years now methinks. Albeit it had me wondering who the guy I did some research, finally watched the show when they showed a few seasons here... and was watching out for Daniel. And hello.. my wee obsession with Ancient Egypt helped me get into the show as well ^

Daniel's the odd one out of that foursome. Even Teal'c isn't as much of an odd one out as Daniel is. Jack, Sam are both military, you can say Teal'c is military as well considering he was Apophis's First Prime and a warrior to boot...Daniel's just a scholar, a linguist and archeaologist (who ends up having the most weirded out stuff happen to him it seems..poor guy) I'm always attracted to the guys/girls who are odd, who stand out of the crowd in different ways more than the other characters do. Daniel's the one here. Looks of course helped too. ^^ heee.

You watch Daniel's evolution from the movie, to the series...and throughout the series, and you really see the character grow. He's still Daniel, though.

2. Star Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY)


Tough choice this one, toss up between a bunch of characters, depending on the show I guess..


TNG :: Worf  -  the only Klingon aboard a starship… raised by foster parents… led quite a career (although they did mess it up in the end, what’s all that ambassador business?! Oy), not to mention horrible love life.. poor guy, his wives either die or something… heh. I kinda like how he went from a character in the background to one of series leads after Yar died. 


DS9 :: O’Brien – (I cheat, he was in TNG also…:P but it wasn’t until DS9 that he became an actual series lead) Miles is your typical human with a family coping with life aboard a space station. Miles is the guy who you relate to even now. He’s got a job, a family to look after, and he’s just a likable character.


VOY ::  Tom Paris - sure he's young and someone naive/too eager in places, but he's got a good head on his shoulders. and he's the pilot.. :D I like how his character evolved, from an ex Starfleet officer in prison for owning up to an accident that killed his academy mates, to where he stands at the end of the series.. a married man with a kid..

3. Star Wars
Obi Wan Kenobi –  Cool, warm hearted and likable character, too bad they killed him off so early…

4. SWAT Kats
Razor - Always liked short guys who can kick butt.. ;) with gadgets he invents or without…Barry Gordon's voice work is great. (mind you so is Charlie Adler's) Razor's just lovable. ^^ man I need to watch the toon ::beats up Azuereus to D/L and beats up the people who have downloaded it to seed the torrent::


Gibbs – Coffee.. nuff said.. :P no but actually,  I love how calculating and straight to the point the character is. He’s the sort of guy you don’t want to come after you if you’re on the wrong side of the law, because he’ll make you his goal and get you. He’s that determined.  Quite witty also, even if he does have three X-wives…

6. Futurama

Fry – let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be frozen for a thousand years and go through what the guy does? :P 20th /21st century person’s life in 31st century.

7. Due South

Benton Fraiser – Canadian in USA… well.. Canadian in Chicago,  that alone is worth watching the show.  I love the way he and Ray worked together despite their “cultural differences” Fraiser is just polite and nice and all, whilst Ray is all ‘in your face I’ll kick your butt now’ of sorts…

8. Third Rock from the Sun

(guess I could give points to Annerz for this one.. heh.. )

Toss up between Dick and Sally and Harry actually… I can’t really decide who’s my fave of all time and such…


Dick – the high commander… John Lithgow is hilarious! So many moments where Dick was just like a little kid discovering the world for the first time…


Sally – the security officer. I like how Kristen Johnson played her, at first it was all about the Amazon woman/warrior in a woman’s body on this planet learning about humanity and females… that was just funny.


Harry – well played character, and albeit a bit ‘dumb’ per se, he’s funny and I just like the looks on his face when everyone else’s talking, and the poor guy’s just lost.. heh

9. Megax XLR
Coop - Voiced by David DeLuise who also plays Sam's BF on Stargate SG1 (and the main char in 'Wormhole X-Treme!' the 100th ep of SG1) , and whose brother David is a director on the show. ^^ heee.. Coop's just one of those characters who's quite "ok world needs saving, can we eat first?" nicely written character.

10. Red Dwarf
Okay this one’s a British comedy show of sorts..I admit it’s a wee bit stupid in places but what the hey.. if you understand this sort of humour it doesn’t look so stupid.


Rimmer – your typical silly twit kind of a guy who’s not really meant to be on a spaceship… but he’s the only one who survives a radiation leak that killed the crew three million or something years ago. With just a hologram and a ‘cat’ (who evolved into a human somehow) and later an android they find on a planet, for company.

11. Darkwing Duck
DarkWing - Been a while since i've seen that show, but DWs lines were hilarious. I always liked his entrances. *must...get....videos....* and did LP ever land a plane safely in here?

12. Emperor's New Groove
The Emperor - Well written character considering this was a one hour cartoon thing. Kuzko's funny, 'in your face' of sorts, and just fun to watch.

13. Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers
Gadget – the girl and the  inventor, I’ve always had a thing for inventors in cartoons… :D

14. Duck Tales
Launchpad - I'll just say one thing here, considering I've not seen this one in well over a decade *gasp* Launchpad the Klutz. Certainly added humour to the show in a good way.

15. Biker Mice from Mars
Throttle – the leader. He’s the level headed one of the bunch whereas Vinnie is the young eager to kick butt one, and Modo’s the muscle of the team, Throttle is the cool calculating one but does get to kick butt when needed. Sure wish that show came out on DVD, I’d get it in a flash…

16. Grim Fandango (ok, it's a game, but still...)

Another toss up…


Manny Calavera - He’s a regular guy serving his time in the Land of the Dead by working for the Department of Death. You kinda play him throughout the game. I like his little grim reaper get up…


Glottis – Lovable character, Manny's driver and companion, Glottis is an enormous, grotesque monster of the underworld with nothing in his heart but love for anything with an engine that moves fast.


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