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Yay I got paid today! Picked up last month's paycheck as well as the month's before.... I finally got an employee number too!

Gotta write part of our report for workplace surveillance... I'm supposted to write the "against workplace surveillance" part...serves me right for being 'neutral' in the discussions online.. I can go both ways... ^_^;; it's just a matter of finding proper sources on the online databases and whatnot.... oy.. :: switches to her geek personality, muffles Daniel's protests of "I AM NOT A GEEK" and goes off lookin' ::

On another note, I can hardly walk properly (or far) without my legs going "OW OW OW" well I'm going "OW OW OW" mentally, anyway.... Should not have carried all the stuff upstairs by hand, (couldn't exactly make Darky do it; lazy idjit will never get to it) not to mention carrying the ladder around the room and running around with a drill and a bunch of other tools and stuff.. OY... oh well... could be worse I guess...

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