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I think life hates me...

:: headdesk :: PC just crapped out on me... keep restarting everytime it gets to the "Welcome" screen.. worst part... Darky's GF has the XP Pro CD, so I can't do anything until I get that back ..... I suspect it's a registry muck up....but I can't do anything about it aside reformat...well one last thing left to try once I get the CD back.. try to repair the prog.. but again, won't happen until I get the CD back.. when I get it back? I don't know...

even worse, if I do have to resintall and reformat....I'm still realising all the stuff I gotta recover...mail, contacts..webpages....chorus work...Horizon's site...images...programs.... :: tugs at hair :: get my settings right again.. I tinkered with them for bloody ages to get them right! ARGH!

Yeah Yeah I know.. recent back up is a month ago and I didn't back up everything because it wouldn't let me back up everything.. space issues (whoda thunk it?!? OY) !blames Microsoft

Am on my laptop temporarily for now until I get the PC sorted out...feels weird without having my other settings on here.. I want my Grim Fandango ICQ theme and my self customized Stargate MSN Messenger /AIM theme....

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