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Oh? is that a real entry I see here?

Wow.. what does everyone suddenly have all their assignments due on the same day?! I swear half the uni were in the library today! course none of the labs had toner left in the printers so the people had to come somewhere....aiy...

Speaking of part II of the data comm report due on May 4th... we're working as a group on that one, so that's nice, as we're actually doing it, only bad bit of that is I gotta be in uni earlier on Saturdays and Wednesdays...well no not really bad bit come to think of it, we work on it together so there's less chance of any of us stalling the report by not doing their part. Although we do individual bits as well, those that are independant of the report more or less.. (such as the Gantt chart and organizational charts and stuff...) For once no complains about group work for me here! which is good.. unlike last semester.. oi... me and Steph had to write a letter to the comittee of whatever saying that we did all the work and Marowa didn't do any of the work... (anything contained in the report didn't have a word written by Marowa, me and Steph worked on it together until 3 in the morning over AIM the day before it was due and from 9 till 1300 on the day it was due in uni...)

Got a biggie assignment for Info Systems in Accounting, which I'm STILL not sure what the guy wants exactly! He keeps changing his mind on a weekly basis...then says no need for this or that, but you gotta include this and that, then comes ack next week and says the opposite... >.< Lutfi, dammit make up your mind! If you even got one!

Two more weeks, then finals.. >.< these things kinda sneak up on you and WHAMMO....

Midterm marks, I was surprised by...22/25 in Info Systems in Accy. (highest grade was 23, lowest was 0; and quite a number of people got below 15) kinda funny, I missed a lecture because I was feeling bleh a few weeks ago, he gave a pop quiz based on the lecture that I missed, the week after, I got like 8/10, highest mark was 9/10. I didn't even come to the lecture, but I read the chapter...Lutfi isn't too pleased with about half the class for not attending lectures/doing badly in tests. for once that doesn't apply to me :P :D J/K!

As for Data comm... LAST TIME I GO OVER MY ANSWERS AND CHANGE SOME OF THEM! Could've had a 38/42, but nope... 30/42.. bummer...

You know I've decided.. I'm gonna try to squeeze in half an hour of piano playing almost every day (sans Tuesday, I leave at 0600 and come back at 2300...) I've managed to toy around with ST:TNG and DS9 themes today and a wee bit of First Contact theme... I still remember them, wow.. talk about muscle memory.. now watch my fingers go sore tomorrow morning....heh...dang those chords in gotta stretch for like half the darned keyboard! 4-note chords spanning 9 notes isn't fun, especially if you add in a sharp or a flat, then you get the black keys.. fortunately on some of them you can drop the higher or the lower note and it'll still sound decent enough...


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