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IRC typos and stuff

I gotta show these....
[16:10:32] * DarthDenton throws Cath and Jess a bear.
[16:10:34] [DarthDenton] *beer.
[16:10:57] * DrDanielJackson gets squashed by a bear
[16:10:57] [Tauvits] Mmm... beer.
[16:10:58] [DrDanielJackson] ARGH!
[16:11:02] [DrDanielJackson] crap X_X
[16:11:43] * DarthDenton shoots the bear, then hands Jess a beer.
[16:12:10] * DrDanielJackson drags self off the floor, grabs the beer
[16:12:12] [DrDanielJackson] Thanks.... .
[22:07:19] * AiolosAFK (~Aiolos@Tempus.Fugit) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:07:47] * DrDanielJackson beats up Aiolos's beer
[22:07:50] [DrDanielJackson] er.. peer even

Mhm.. need a motto for my ship... "there's coffee in that nebula" doesn't really work that well...
lesse.. heh..

yeah wow my day has been so eventful... silly data comm a presentation on that tomorrow....

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