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wow...kinda weird that the most hectic day is the day I get tons of stuff done within a short period of time and still have enough free time to do other stuff...

had a meeting with a CELTA rep today... Cert English Language Teching thing... yeah I am looking into taking that course in September... though that depends on a lot of stuff...

heck I've done two joint posts and had two meetings (JP with a group meeting, meeting, now another JP...) and no I'm not really tired..although I did kinda go BLANK on a song during rehearsal today.. M'oops...

Tuesdays = most busiest days of my week = most productive.. I oughta have more of those days... heh.. starting at 0600 and back home at 2300 with few breaks in between.... I kinda have a knack for multitasking it seems...

course the coffee helped a lot too.. muahaha
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