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Wowie... Sunburned me shoulders at the beach today.. thank you parents! and no, they aren't that much on sunscreen apparently...i shuold really get some tho'.. if they persist on going to the beach ever weekend like that... course Darky always has an excuse for not going... this time it's "I have an exam tomorrow" uh kay..

I've snatched up a copy of the Sims with all the expansion packs as one set. considerably cheap, for only $50. 12 CDs total... installed on lap top; gonna play at some stage... ( I keep telling myself that with Sims 2 as well.. heh; only played it for about five minutes, darned thing is addictive in terms of you just forget the time and you keep playin')

I'm reading "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" right now. pity it's a thick book (it's six stories in one volume) I can' tcarry it to many places with me. and I'm pondering reading a few Trek books just so I can get in the mood for ST simming and actually come up with a few missions for the Horizon, right now we've yet to 'launch' per se... we're still doing backposts, I'm still looking for more crew whilst people are arriving at the base and interacting...

eh... I'll think of something I suppose....

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