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Wow you know ... guy said exam will have MCQs , short answers and diagrams... what happens? Come into the exam and bam 33 MCQs and nothing else! that's just.. I dunno.. mean...not that I overstudied, it's never a bad thing...but heh.. guy you gonna say something about the format at least be honest >.<

I am however having difficulty with a few of my articles for StudenTalk...(they're all extra stuff for the months in advance, but I just can't come up with good writin'...) maybe I shouldn't jump between 4 different articles.. yes I'm trying to write four at a time.. I don't know sometimes that works...

maybe it's exam-related mode I'm in... 've not done many posts for any of the simms I'm in this week either...

Installed a LAN at StudenTalk's offices as well, the tech support there refused to deal with equipment that wasn't theirs... (so basically no tech support aside their Sisco IP phones.....)

/me heads off to bed
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