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OKay.. what gives....?

I was gonna go to bed, but picked up today's edition of 7Days and just went... You're kiddin' right.....

Here's the short version of things...:

Guy's 57... 68 kids... 11 wives... (3 at the moment, as per Islamic law they aren't allowed to have more than four at a time; he divorced the others, and technically Divorce is supposed to be a bad thing in Islam, so go figure how he got around THAT) 2 more kids on the way and one more woman he'll marry soon...

This just gets me.... "Daad relies on his wives to do much of the housework, so he says he needs to replace them when they get too old." REPLACE them? what are they, tools?! Baby-makin' machines? Sicko, Get off the bed, put your pants on and go do the bloody housework yourself!

Now my question: who's educating and raising those 68 kids? Okay the Ajman ruler is supporting them financially, but what're they going to grow up into? Guy is running around between several houses, and several beds because wife number one or two or three are there, so he has to sleep with them all to make sure he reaches his 100-kids record....who watches the kids?!

Here's the online version of this; it's not full, the paper version has like one and a half pages on the guy, listing all his kids' names and wifes he's had up to date: http://www.7days.ae/20050404/Local/Meet.Daad.Mohammed.head.of.the.UAEs.bi.asp

:: rolls eyes :: see the twisted place I live in?

Swear if I see the guy in the street I'll.........ugh... I gotta go shoot something.....


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Apr. 5th, 2005 03:48 am (UTC)
Some people in Indo are like that, but I don't think the government support them.

I don't like the comment about replacing people to do chores either. If he wants someone to do the chores, hire a butler or maid! >_<
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