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April Fool's on AceIRC and other stuff

IRCops went a little nutty there.. we switched our nicks to those of Star Wars characters and came into the main hangout room to freak people out. Was oodles of fun, expecially since one of the ops changed his name to JarJarBinks and was talking like Jar Jar and slapping everyone with his ears or just generally wagging them around in the room. I was PrincessLeia, always forever adjusting my donut bun hairstyle ^^ or complaining about men being downright rude and whatnot.... we had Chewbacca, an Ewok, HanSolo, LukeSkywalker, DarthDenton, DarthMaul, etc etc...Star Wars in a Star Trek world... Gotta love it...

Oh and done with CO Academy, with a final score of 96.6% ^^ Yayness.

and I think I'm halfway through the chorus site... nopes, no samples yet ^^ still needs major tweaking in a lot of places, plus info added in. and unlike the Horizon's site, I can't work on it online, as it's all manually HTMLed and all. Did toy with Photoshop a bit to make the chorus top logo banner thing...

Funny how something that seems easier to make/code takes more time to do. I mean it took me less than a day to launch the Horizon's site. with a few days of editing /adding stuff in. The Horizon's site uses .php and mySQL and it is taking me a long time to work on the chorus site which only uses HTML and CSS... and HTML is easier to do than PHP is and I've had more experience with HTML than PHP... but apparently now I'm confusing PHP tags with HTML tags... go figure...

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