Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

think I'm done cleaning my room finally... and setting stuff up in there... I don't know.. looks more... homey in there.. though granted I've yet to sort out my books, which I'll do tomorrow I think. considering what to put where and such..

Went through my DVD list, somehow managed to miss out a DVD.. M'oops.. count updated ^^ I might put 'em in an Access Database at some stage, and a big summer project of mine would be getting a list of all the books I got together. Then the tapes...which should be easier since I've started labeling them properly about two years ago... ^^ I used to label them with just the series name and that's it.. now there's the series name, season, episodes and episode names (if they all fit in there) on each tape..

I'm weird... I know...
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