Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Dad's birthday tomorrow, I got him a cigarette lighter; I think at this stage he collects them.... >.<

Looking through my character list for BravoFleet... I got a joined Trill, a half Q (that's what I established him as now anyway....long story, I was high on caffeine when I came up with that character; and a particular quirk of his needed something drastic to explain it), two half Betazoids (one of whom hates the Betazoid part of her) and a feline.... mmm...yah... Anise Selmak, Daniel Jackson, Jolinar Aldwin, Jackie Davis and Jackie Clawson. (i'm so original with names :: headdesk:: )

and ooh ooh..

I NEED CREW DARNIT! :: tug at hair ::

Writing a backstory post for that now...establishing the command and such. got a few pages done thus far, but I think I'm going to finish it off tomorrow.

shows I've got no life..look at me I'm making LJ entries about my simms... >.
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