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Digging through old diskettes I found this.. my short story I wrote for English class in school.. beware, this thing is about 6-7 years old at this stage. This is when we were doing Julius Ceasar, and she told us to go home and write what happens after Caesar got stabbed. My first try ended up in a 27 page fan fic titles 'SWAT Kats Meet Caesar', teacher told me it was too long to be a short story (derr..) so I had to re-write it, here's the complete re-write. and this one's eight pages long...but shortest story I've ever written, that's for sure...

After Caesar has left for the Senate, Calphurnia mulled over the dream she had. She was wondering if her dream would come true, knowing that sometimes dreams can come true. The slave’s voice had interrupted her thoughts.

“My lady?” He asked, she turned to him.

“What is it?” She questioned with authority in her voice.

“Callista is at the door.”

“Well let her in. What are you waiting for?” She snapped.

“Yes ma’am.” He responded and exited the room.

Calphurnia still wondered what her niece wanted when Callista Caesar entered her room.

“Auntie Calphurnia.” Callista yelled with excitement as she and Calphurnia embraced. “I haven’t seen you in ages.” She exclaimed.

“Well 5 months isn’t exactly ages.” Calphurnia pointed out as both of them walked to Calphurnia’s bed and sat down.

“Where’s Uncle Julius?” Asked Callista after the two had exchanged news.

“He’s gone to the Senate, but…” Calphurnia’s smile faded.

“But what?” Asked her niece, noticing the look on her aunt’s face.

“I had a dream, that members of the Senate had murdered Caesar.” Replied Calphurnia.

Upon hearing this Callista gasped. She loved and respected Caesar, not only because he was her Uncle, but because he was also her Commander, for she was in his army.

“I’m going to check it out.” She said without giving it a second thought. She stood up and began walking towards the door. Calphurnia stood up and immediately regretted telling her niece about her dream.

“All right, but watch your back.” She warned her stubborn niece.

As Callista left, Calphurnia shook her head in dismay, ‘some day this is going to kill her’ she thought wondering why did Callista’s parents let her join Caesar’s army.
Callista stopped at her living quarters to grab a weapon. She took a small knife that her Uncle had given her for her birthday. ‘Just in case I’ll run into some trouble at the Senate’ she thought re-sheathing the knife and hanging it on her belt. She exited her quarters and went to the Senate. She arrived just in time to see Anthony carry out Caesar’s body. She gasped at the sight, and then ran over to Anthony’s side.

“Is…is he dead?” She asked not wanting to believe it.

“He’s been stabbed so much, no one could’ve survived this.” Answered Anthony grimly.

“No, not Uncle Julius.” She replied, moving towards her Uncle’s body she gently checked his pulse. “There is pulse, weak, but there is. Let’s take him to my quarters.” She said her face brightening up a bit. ‘Maybe there is some hope for you Uncle.’ She thought as Anthony followed her to her quarters.
After stabbing Caesar, Brutus, Decius, Cinna, and Metellus had returned to Brutus’s house to discuss what they had done. Cassius stayed at the Senate to watch over things.

“Soon I’ll get the power.” Said Brutus laughing.

The rest laughed along with it.

“Brutus, Brutus. Caesar’s body is gone.” Said Cassius urgently running inside the house.

“I know that stupid. Anthony took it away.” Replied Brutus.

“He took it away, but do you know where they took it?”

“They? Who’s *they?” Asked Brutus.

“Anthony and Caesar’s niece.”

“Oh c’mon Cassius, you worry too much, the old man’s dead. So what if his niece was there. That doesn’t make him alive.” Brutus replied after thinking a while.

“They took him to her living quarters. Why would they do that with a dead body?” Objected Cassius.

“I dunno.” Responded Brutus, who was now getting alarmed by the news.

“Think of it Brutus. We may have stabbed him, but did we kill him?” Cassius pointed out.

“We’ll what are you waiting for, check it out. I want the power.” Brutus yelled.

Everyone filed out of his house and did as they were told.
Anthony gently eased Caesar onto Callista’s bed, while Callista went to get some antiseptic she herself prepared. She returned with a small vial of something, and began disinfecting her Uncle’s wounds.

“None of them seem to be deep.” She observed after bandaging the last wound with some cloth. Anthony’s face brightened even more.

“Does this mean he’ll live?” He asked hope in his voice.

“Not for sure, but he has a bigger Chance now.” She replied grinning up at Anthony. “All we have to do is wait until he wakes up.” She stated.

“And then what?” Asked Anthony.

“Then we’ll ask him who tried to murder him, and then I’ll go after them.” She replied anger creeping in her voice.

“How can you be so sure it wasn’t just on person?” Asked Anthony.

“One person wouldn’t have enough time stab Uncle so many times, no there had to be at least three of them.” She said shaking her head. “Auntie Calphurnia isn’t going to like this.”

“Neither will the people who tried to kill him.” Observed Anthony. “Better watch your back, if they know that he’s alive, then they’ll come to finish him off and then they’ll come after you.”

“Hey you know me, Anthony, I’m always watching my back.”

“Heh no doubt about it.” He replied grinning.

“C’mon Uncle pull through for Auntie Calphurnia.” Mouthed Callista looking at her Uncle’s still form.
Decius, Cassius, Cinna and Metellus had come to Callista’s quarters.

“So are we going in or what?” Asked Cinna as they stood near the door, unsure if they should come in.

“Once we’re in what do we do?” Asked Decius.

“Duh, we kill them all, stupid.” Said Cassius frustrated.

“Okay, okay, don’t rub it in, Cassius.” Answered Decius.

They though they’d better go in through the back door, just to make sure no one could escape Decius stayed near the front door, guarding it, while the others moved in.
Callista and Anthony were discussing who would want to murder Caesar, when suddenly Callista shushed Anthony.

“Shh, I think someone’s outside.” She whispered moving towards a small chest where she kept her weapons. Anthony’s eyes went wide as he saw the multitude of weapons lying in the chest. Callista picked up a small dagger and handed it to him. “Here take this, just in case.” She said picking up a couple of daggers for herself. She had a feeling she would need them.

Anthony moved near the front door and listened for any noise. Callista went to check the back door. Moving cautiously she sensed that something was wrong. She reached for the handle, but something stopped her from opening the door. She leapt back just as Cassius, Cinna and Metellus burst through the door with their daggers drawn.

“What do you want?” She asked holding the daggers raised in both hands.

The three moved in on her with their daggers raised. Before anyone could stab her however Callista thrown one of the daggers at Cinna, who was closest to her. The dagger flew the short distance between them and imbedded itself in Cinna’s chest. He screamed in pain and crumpled to the floor. Callista gave the others a grin.

“Don’t mess with me, or you’ll end up as him.” She said nodding in the direction of Cinna’s body. Metellus and Cassius took a step back, but still held their weapons.

Anthony heard the commotion and came running to help Callista his own dagger raised high above his head. He stood behind Callista as the remaining two moved in on them.

Metellus threw his dagger at Callista, she just had enough time to scramble out of the way dragging Anthony with her. They hit the floor just as the dagger passed their heads and imbedded itself in the back wall of the house. With no time to waste Callista threw her second dagger at Metellus. Even though her aim was off a bit, the dagger still hit Metellus in his heart. He dropped to the floor without as much as a scream. Quickly Anthony scrambled to his feet then helped Callista to get up. Cassius was stunned.

Anthony picked up his dagger, and threw a look at Callista to make sure she was okay. She stood up beside him and moved closer to Cassius; Anthony noticed that she had no weapon left. He moved closer to her as she approached Cassius. Quickly Cassius had recovered and brought up his own dagger above his head. Callista saw the danger, but still continued to approach him slowly. Cassius was about to strike, when Anthony jumped near Callista knocking her aside and to the floor. With one swift move he threw his own dagger at Cassius as Cassius’s dagger flew through the air were just a moment ago Callista stood. Cassius tried to scramble out of the way, but was too late, the dagger had caught him in his heart with pinpoint precision. Cassius tumbled to the floor.

Callista picked herself up from the floor and shook her head. “Phew, thanks Anthony, I owe you one.” She said turning to him. Anthony waved it off.

“We’ve got to find out who’s behind this.” He said walking to the bodies and picking up the daggers.

“*I*’ve got to find out who’s behind this.” Said Callista pointing at herself and walking over to the small chest once again. This time she chose two big daggers. Taking them out of their sheaths and checking them she heard Anthony walk up behind her.

“What do you mean ‘you’ve got to find out who’s behind this.’” He asked putting the bloodied daggers on the floor beside the chest.

“Someone’s got to stay here and look after Uncle.” She said re-sheathing the daggers and hanging the sheaths on her belt. Callista stood up and walked towards the back door. “I’d better get out through the back door. I don’t want anyone seeing me.” She said her voice set.

“Callista, *no.*” Shouted Anthony holding up his hand as if this was going to stop her.

“I don’t take *no* for an answer.” She answered and exited through the back door.
‘Hope she doesn’t get herself killed.’ Thought Anthony as he started pacing back and forth hoping that Caesar would recover and that Callista would get back alive. He stopped to pick up one of the daggers and continued pacing.
Outside, unaware of his friends’ fate Decius waited for a long time wondering where they were. ‘This job was supposed to be quick.’ He thought. ‘Get in, kill them, and get out.’ He recalled Brutus’s instructions. ‘Something’s wrong.’ He though and decided to get in through the back door. He held his dagger to his side as he moved towards the back door. Quietly he came to the door, slowly he eased it open making sure he wasn’t making any noise. Decius held up his dagger and went inside.

Inside he found Anthony pacing back and forth. ‘If I throw the dagger I may miss’ He though. Deciding that he should do it directly he moved towards the room where Anthony was. He noticed Caesar lying on the bed, his eyes closed, but he was breathing. ‘So we haven’t killed him.’ He though as he prepared to attack Anthony. Counting to five he burst open the door and ran inside with his dagger up ready to strike.

Anthony was surprised by the sudden movement; he stopped in his tracks and whirled around, then ducked as Decius’s dagger passed his head. With great dexterity Anthony took out the dagger and threw it with all his might before Decius could try again. As the dagger his Decius’s neck, he screamed in pain and collapsed to the floor, his own dagger fell to the floor with a clang.

Anthony breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Callista for disagreeing with him and leaving him here to watch over Caesar.
Callista walked through the city, her course set for Brutus’s house. Somehow she knew that it was Brutus who wanted to kill her Uncle. ‘After all’ she thought, ‘he always was jealous of Uncle’s power. Not to mention Cassius, Cinna and Metellus always hung around with him.’ She reasoned as she walked up to Brutus’s house.

‘This is it.’ She though, her hand on the sheath holding a dagger. Counting to three she kicked open the door and ran in pulling out the big dagger. “Brutus! Where are you?” She yelled, as she walked through the house. “Oh Brutus. Here Brutus.” She shouted. Brutus emerged from the wine cellar with a shocked look on his face.

“I assume you’re behind the attempted murder of Uncle Julius.” She said giving him an icy stare. Brutus backed up against the wall with his hanging sword as she approached him dagger in hand.

“That’s right.” He said with a wicked grin. “I intended to kill Caesar so I could get his power.”

“Why you…” Began Callista angrily. She wanted to kill him right here, right now, but it was against her nature to kill a person who wasn’t armed.

Suddenly Brutus spun around and grabbed the sword off the wall then turning around he faced her. That’s all the invitation Callista needed, she held up her dagger to protect herself from a blow as Brutus attacked her.

“I’m going to kill you, and then I’ll finish of Caesar.” He said giving her an evil grin as their weapons met once again. Callista knew that he was much more experienced in battle than she was, but then again she was no amateur herself.

“Just try it.” She mouthed angrily as she avoided the incoming blade once again.

“So I will” He replied giving her an evil grin again.

Callista didn’t say anything instead she sidestepped him as he moved in on her with his sword. She remembered the dagger she took with her earlier on, and a smile crossed her face. Once again she raised her dagger in defense as Brutus went for her shoulder. With a swift move she took out the dagger from her belt and threw it at Brutus. With pinpoint accuracy the dagger hit Brutus in her chest. Brutus’s sword fell to the floor and he himself dropped to the floor trying hard not to scream from pain.

Callista walked up to him and kicked the sword from his reach. “Don’t mess with me and my family.” She said with menace.

Before Brutus’s eyes closed he saw Callista re-sheath her dagger. Then darkness had engulfed him.
Callista breathed a sigh of relief. ‘It’s all over now’ She thought as she walked up to Brutus’s body and took out the small dagger. Wiping the blood off she put it back in her belt and left the house.
Anthony was sitting in a chair when he heard a soft groan. He stood up and ran towards Caesar’s bed. Caesar opened his eyes and asked for water. Anthony fetched him a goblet of water. After drinking it all Caesar’s eyes brightened.

“Where am I?” He asked not recognizing the place.

“You’re in Callista’s quarters.” Explained Anthony. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Better. What happened?”

“Some men tried to stab you. Most of them are dead now.” He said. “Callista went after the man who’s behind it.” He said anticipating Caesar’s next question.

Caesar nodded, knowing that once his niece had set her mind on something, she had to do it until she’s satisfied. He asked Anthony to explain what happened. Anthony did. A short while later he heard someone enter through the front door. He grabbed his dagger and moved near the door. He raised it ready to strike at any moment. The door opened, and he brought the dagger down. Callista jumped out of the way.

“Anthony! What’s wrong with you?” She asked confused at his actions.

“Sorry I though you were one of them.” He explained with embarrassment.

Callista waved it off and smiled seeing her Uncle awake.

“Uncle!” She exclaimed running up to him and hugging him.

Caesar smiled up at her. “Anthony tells me that if it weren’t for you I’d be dead.”

“Don’t say that, Uncle.” She said with a grin.

“Who was behind it?” Asked Anthony.

“Brutus.” She answered.

“How did you know?” Asked Caesar.

“Simple the guys back there.” She said gesturing at the room where Cassius’s, Metellus’s and Cinna’s bodies lay. “They always hung around him, so naturally I figured out it was him.” She said, then she noticed Decius’s body. “Nice work Anthony.” She said. “Told you, you should’ve stayed here.” She said with a smile.

“Now I’m glad I did.” He replied. “Tell us what happened.” He asked.

She told them everything.

“I never knew my niece could be so brutal.” Observed Caesar after hearing her story.

Callista stood up. “I know, they forced me into it.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Asked Anthony.

“No one messes with my family.” She declared walking over to the window. “Not while I’m still alive.”

And I know.. the language in there isn't 'appropriate' to those times, but then neither were women in the military, so derr.. :P

Edit: wow... found my Biker Mice From Mars/ SWAT Kats crossover fic I started back in 2000...downside it's in hard copy and incomplete.. soft copy *could* be on my old IBM which I've yet to dig up the Hard Drive of...

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